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Avaaz staff members face increasing threats, including death threats! They have probably become too annoying to some of the corrupted people thinking the world is their personal playground... They ask our help to finance better security for them and their families.

The Unconditional Basic Income could be a solution to end poverty and ensure a decent life to everyone. We have to be enough asking The European Commission for them to consider that option seriously.

Please help make pressure on UN and South Sudan neighbours to protect the people of South Sudan from genocide.

Governments all over the world try to control and use Internet against their people as a tool of mass surveillance. Instead, it should be considered as our common good. Universal access should be the top priority and Net Neutrality protected at all cost. Here is the direct link to the petition.

La Quadrature Joins the Legal Struggle Against Mass Surveillance

La Quadrature du Net joins the legal struggle against mass surveillance. Most so-called democratic western governments are trying to legalise massive surveillance under the pretence of fighting terrorism and child abuse.